The Reason We Thirst for Diamonds and Diamond Engagement Rings

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The Reason We Thirst for Diamonds and Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds were once only worn by royalty. People are absolutely drawn to shiny and sparkly things and there are studies that back up this claim. The reason why people are so attracted to shiny things is because of our instincts. According to Co. Designs, Daily Mail UK, Mother Nature Network and other sources, our love for shiny things was tested by a team of researchers from Belgium.

They published six studies about it and came to the conclusion that our love for all things glossy and sparkly comes from our innate need for water. Shiny things remind us of water and it makes us desire things that are glossy and it disconnects the fact that we want shiny things because we associate it to high society. If you want more details though, you can look it up. Maybe the reason why we love diamonds, other precious gems and precious metals is because of our scientifically proven desire for water.

Diamonds were once very rare and worn only by those of the highest stature and this adds to the reason why wearing diamonds is a very nostalgic experience. When diamond were discovered, they were usually kept unpolished. And when diamonds were first put into jewelry, jewellers had not applied cuts yet. When they were able to cut jewels, jewellers had different tools and diamonds were cut with the use of a candle as a light source, compared to the tools we have today and the inclusion of electricity, diamond cuts now look different than cuts in the past. The cushion cut is considered to be very modern but it was actually one of the earliest variations of the brilliant cuts. The earliest versions were usually in the shape of a square but new versions of this cut have been made into rectangular shapes as well.

Interestingly enough, the Hope Diamond, the Cullinan II, Agra Diamond, Jubilee Diamond and the Regent diamond all share the same cut, the cushion cut. In modern times, celebrities have fallen in love with this cut with Kim Kardashian, Jessica Biel, Kelly Rowland and more have engagement rings with this cut. If you like feeling like royalty, or satisfying our human nature for all things sparkly, or if you are going to proclaim your love for someone with a gorgeous cushion cut diamond engagement ring, you should definitely check out The Diamond Plaza, Florida. Their entire stock is owned by their company and they feature conflict free diamonds with certification by leading grading labs such as GIA Laboratories of America. They buy diamonds from De Beers and the International Diamond Syndicate and Holding Co. You can really get your money’s worth if you purchase from them because they don’t have the mark-ups by other jewelry stores because they are direct importers to the USA.

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