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Loose Diamonds Florida

If you are looking for loose diamonds then you have come to the right place. We work with all kinds of loose diamonds that we customize, set, polish, and sell to Florida residents. We are an on-site diamond importers and we work with loose diamonds all day long. We have been importing, buying, selling, customizing, and working with loose diamonds for over 20 years. Our on-site inventory of loose diamonds is huge; therefore there is no need to order from other dealers.

If you are looking for a specific loose diamond in Fort Lauderdale, FL, then you need to contact Diamond Plaza Florida because we are the source and the actual diamond importers and suppliers for diamonds in the south Florida area. We sell our diamonds well below wholesale prices because we are diamond importers. Wholesale dealers get their diamonds from us on a day to day basis.

Looking for the best deal on loose diamonds

Fort Lauderdale has to offer?

If that is the case look no further. We carry every cut, size, color, and more of any diamond you could possibly desire. We invite you to schedule an appointment and come to our office and so we can impress you with our diverse loose diamond inventory. We offer diamonds below wholesale cost because we are actually the ones who import the diamonds directly from the source so you can eliminate the middleman when dealing directly with Diamond Plaza Florida.

Types of loose diamonds that we carry:

At Diamond Plaza Florida our main specialty is having the best quality and the best prices for loose diamonds in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We are constantly updating and recycling our inventory of loose diamonds. Below is some examples of the types of loose diamonds that we carry:

Round Diamonds

Princess Diamonds

Cushion Diamonds

Radiant Diamonds

Emerald Diamonds

Oval Diamonds

Asscher Diamonds

Marquise Diamonds

We are professional diamond importers and wholesalers; we have any loose diamond south Florida could possibly want. Just contact us at  754-900-8257 and we will customize whatever type of diamond cut that you want.  We have over 20 years of experience in importing, selling and customizing diamonds!!!

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