Wholesale Diamonds

Wholesale Diamonds in Florida

If you are looking for the absolute best deal on diamonds then look no further. The way Diamond Plaza Florida operates there are a no middle men involved. We are actually diamond importers and manufactures and we import our diamonds from Israel, India, South Africa. When you purchase from a diamond Importer and manufacture you can get below wholesale prices on diamonds.

We have 20 years of experience Importing the most beautiful ideal diamonds that our customers are extremely pleased with. We offer the best prices on the highest quality wholesale diamonds Florida has to offer! There isn’t another jewelry store in town that actually Manufactures and imports the diamonds themselves and passes the savings along to their customers.

Wholesale cost Diamonds in Florida

Diamonds can be very expensive. Especially if you buy them from a regular jewelry store because by the time you see the sticker price it has been marked up 300%. We at Diamond Plaza Florida have eliminated ALL the middle men and you are getting your diamonds and jewelry directly from the diamond Importer himself.

So if you want an excellent price on a loose diamonds, engagement rings, custom jewelry, diamond ring, or any other special setting do yourself a favor and at least talk to Diamond Plaza Florida, satisfaction is guaranteed! Only Diamond Plaza Florida can beat the prices offered by other jewelry stores!

This is no magic; we simply have more room on Diamonds and Jewelry to compete because our Diamond Trade Chain is way shorter than our competitors.

Buy your next diamond from a diamond wholesaler like we have at DiamondPlazaFlorida.com You will not be disappointed. We are very skilled at our trade. Not to mention we offer and serve below wholesale diamonds Florida residents love and always refer their friends. We would love to talk to you about our below wholesale diamond Florida prices and hopefully earn you as a customer for life!!

We really mean that because we are here to help people and get them better deals that you could even from buying wholesale diamonds Florida!!!! Keep in mind we are the bottom of the total pole in the diamond trade and the only way you could get a diamond cheaper is to import it yourself from the source.

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