How are Promise Rings Really Worn?

What is a Promise Ring

How are Promise Rings Really Worn?

Look at the many married adults around you. What do you normally see? Probably, how you identify a person as either married or not is through that one accessory in his or her hand. But take a second-look again. Which finger do you see the ring worn on? Possibly, the third finger (not the middle) from the thumb, intuitively referred to as the “ring finger.”

Yet, will you believe when I say that, despite the widespread popularity, love symbols such as promise rings—antecedent to engagement or wedding rings—are actually also worn in the middle finger on the left hand? Some may find the idea startling, or dumbfounding, especially with the negative connotation of the “middle finger” in pop culture.

In some other culture or belief, it is indeed that way. But, perhaps another pressing issue as to the proper wearing of a promise ring is in which hand it is equipped with.

Significance of the Left Hand with the Heart

There had been some ages-long belief that the heart is at its closest in the left side of the body which thus give the idea that the left hand is closest also to the heart.

Although seeming truth, the heart has always been situated in the middle of the chest cavity, just behind the sternum. The belief is possibly best derived on the notion that the heart beats the loudest around the left side of the chest than on the right. However, this is only due to the fact that the heart’s apex which has strongest beat is pointed to the left, not right.

Regardless, this very idea brought about the notion that the left hand, instead of the right hand, makes for the ideal site for an accessory so cherished like a promise, engagement, or wedding ring. Should you wear your engagement/wedding ring antecedent to your middle finger on the left hand, then?

In reality, it depends. While Western media may had depicted the proper wearing of the promise ring to be that one finger left of the middle—that is, the “ring finger”—other culture may actually dictate otherwise.

Whether the proper way of wearing a promise ring is via the middle finger or that finger beside it is a matter of culture and belief. There is simply nothing wrong or right about it, if taken in proper context.

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