Why Opt for Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Why Opt for Cushion Cut Diamonds

Like women, diamonds come in different styles and shapes. And yes, the classic round and princess cut diamonds are not the only options. Cushion cut diamonds or the “pillow cut” diamonds can also be your “best friend.” They can best embody your unique personality, beauty, and pizzazz. .

Cushions are both chic and classic.

Cushion cut diamonds can cater to the glamor needs of your “classic” (traditional) or “chic” (modern) persona. It can come in its “Old Mine” shape or in its Modern cut, allowing you to surely stand out in any gathering. According to the Gemological Institute of America, “Old Mine” –– or also known as the brilliant cut –– is the oldest shape of cushion cut diamonds, dating back to the 17th century. It normally has 58 facets, large pavilion facets, and medium to large culet. Its table is usually lower than 53%, while its crown angle statement is generally at least 40%. Old Mine diamonds return light, making them a popular fancy color diamond. The modern or modified brilliant cut, on the other hand, has more facets and can be less expensive than the Old Mine cut.

Cushions can give you a ‘red carpet feel

Wearing cushion cut sparklers is like going out with a famous celebrity. According to a The Knot survey, in 2013, cushions are one of the most popular diamond cut shapes. In fact, husbands of famous celebrities Kim Kardashian, Ashley Tisdale, Sofia Vergara, Naya Rivera, Kelly Rowland, and Bar Refaeli received strong yeses from their then fiancées with the help of cushion cut diamonds.

Cushions are timeless.

Its beauty never fades and forever stands out. Take for example the 317.4-carat Cullinan II in the British Imperial State Crown. It proudly sits at the front of the Queen’s crown, complementing the beauty and royalty of the Black Prince’s Ruby.

Quick and dirty tips for buying cushion cut diamonds

1. Evaluate their color and clarity. They vary depending on the cut. Choose what you like best.

2. When in doubt, stick to 70%: Those with tables and depths at 70% are generally outstanding.

3. Buy only from the experts. Choose vendors like Diamond Plaza Florida that does not just sell but also educates customers about the diamonds they consider buying. Diamond Plaza Florida guides its customers through the entire buying journey, ensuring that they get the diamond that best-fits them and the milestone they are celebrating.

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