Wholesale Diamonds

Wholesale Diamonds

Wholesale Diamonds

Whether you are looking to be a re seller or you just want to find the best deals on diamonds, wholesale diamonds are what you are looking for. A wholesale transaction is between a manufacturer and a party that intends to sell the wholesale diamonds while a retail transaction is between a seller and an end-user. But today, you can find deals on wholesale diamonds online and one of the best places to go to is Diamond Plaza Florida.

Some Facts About Diamonds

Before we dive deep into the whole ordeal of getting wholesale diamonds, it will be interesting to know some of the fun facts about this precious gem. Diamonds are signs of esteem.

It is the idea that they are rare and valuable that make them so attractive and become items of interest for collectors. Before, diamonds can only be found in a few riverbeds in India and the jungles of Brazil, that is until the late nineteenth century. But in 1870, people discovered huge diamond mines near the Orange River in South Africa and soon enough, they were scooping diamonds by the ton.

The market for diamonds and wholesale diamonds grew. The diamond financiers feared that this will make diamonds less pricey and their investments were endangered. Their price will depend on their scarcity.

So what they did was to merge their interests into a single entity so that it’s powerful enough and they can control the production and make it look like diamonds are scarce. There is more to the history of diamonds and how the world changed so that it’s widely available again today.

But toward the late 1900’s the diamond ring became that one object that can woo a woman into marriage. Well, there are many reasons why diamonds are preferred as the stone for an engagement ring. Diamonds are very strong and it could symbolize the strength of a couple’s relationships through the years.

The Price of Diamonds Today

Diamonds are beautiful pieces of jewelry and it’s only right that not only the elite should have access to them.

The great thing is that you can find diamonds today with the same beauty and luster, at a fraction of the price. Diamond Plaza Florida is a great place to start. We import and manufacture diamonds so that we may offer them to you below wholesale prices.

Diamond Plaza Florida operates with no middle men and that is how we make the prices optimal. Our wholesale diamonds are imported from Israel, India, and South Africa. Don’t make the mistake of buying from a regular retailer or jewelry shop.

The diamonds in these places could have a markup of as high as 300%. At Diamond Plaza Florida, you can get your diamonds directly from the importer so you can score a much better deal. There are a variety of diamonds available for engagement rings, custom jewelry or any other setting that you have in mind. The prices can easily beat other jewelers around. You can talk with a diamond expert by booking an appointment.

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