Wholesale Diamond

Best Deals for Wholesale Diamonds

Wholesale Diamond

Diamonds will almost always cost a lot. This is because of the markups set by jewelry stores for their profit. Diamonds are usually sold at retail which means a 100 to 200 percent markup. Regular jewelry stores usually sell diamonds at a higher cost because of the middlemen that handle the different processes that a diamond has to go through.

Diamonds go through different processes from the moment they are found by miners up to the moment they are sold at jewelry retail stores. Diamonds go through diamond miners who are the ones who actually find the raw diamonds. The diamond miners sell the diamonds that they find to diamond cutters who in turn cut the diamonds into different shapes. The diamond market buyers then buy the diamonds from the diamond cutters and sell them to the diamond wholesalers. The diamond brokers buy the diamonds from the diamond wholesalers and sell these diamonds to the different jewelry stores. Different companies handle each process and each company adds a markup to its value to gain some profit which causes the markup to skyrocket to up to 300 percent once it is sold at jewelry stores.

What are Wholesale Diamonds?

Wholesale diamonds are loose diamonds that are sold by wholesale diamond jewelers, importers, or manufacturers. Diamond jewelers who sell wholesale diamonds usually have a wide range of diamond jewelries to choose from with different carats, cuts, colors, and styles. The customers can even choose loose diamonds and have them cut and customized according to their own preference.

Companies that sell wholesale diamonds usually import the diamonds directly from diamond miners and/or diamond cutters. Since they eliminate the middlemen in the process, they sell wholesale diamonds at affordable prices without losing any profit.

Best deals for wholesale diamonds

If you want to find the absolute best deals for wholesale diamonds within the Florida area, check out Diamond Plaza Florida. Diamond Plaza Florida sells diamonds, engagement rings, and other types of jewelry at below wholesale prices this is because there are no middlemen involved the way it operates. They are diamond manufacturers and importers and they import their diamonds from South Africa, India, Dubai, Russia, and Israel.

Diamond Plaza Florida has over 20 years of experience in importing top quality diamonds that have given its clients ultimate satisfaction. They carry a wide inventory of loose diamonds and jewelry. They offer the best prices on the highest quality wholesale diamonds. They sell all types of jewelry that are of the highest quality and of good standards that have all passed very strict quality control measures.

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