Where to Buy Cushion Cut Diamonds in Florida?

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Where to Buy Cushion Cut Diamonds in Florida?

Florida is a very strategic and perfect destination for proposals, weddings, and anniversaries, among other precious events. The Sunshine State has a lot to offer to help you make great memories with your loved ones. For one, you can pop the question by the beach, at Walt Disney World, or near lighthouses –– while riding a plane, a horse-drawn carriage, or a hot-air balloon. You can also be more daring with a zip line proposal. Name it. But nothing is more outrageous than popping the question or celebrate a milestone with your loved one with a cushion cut diamond jewelry.

Cushion cut diamonds add magic

Cushion cut diamonds are pillow-shaped diamonds, which can be square-ish or rectangular-ish. Cushion cut is one of the most popular diamond shapes. It is effective in alluring even the most finicky women and convince them to reply “yes” to the question. Many famous women celebrities like Kim Kardashian wear it as their engagement ring. Many jewelry stores in Florida offer cushion cut diamonds. But when choosing a store, you should consider the following factors to make the most of your cushion cut diamond investment.


Of course, if you have the money, the sky is the limit. But if you want to be generous and wise at the same time, look to a vendor that can work out your budget. Better yet, shop directly from stores like Diamond Plaza Florida that sells at a very competitive price. Diamond Plaza Florida is at the bottom of the discount chain for diamonds, offering near wholesale prices. They can tailor-fit a diamond jewelry based on one’s budget.

Diamond Selections

Go to a store that can showcase you an array of GIA-certified cushion cut diamonds. They should be able to enthrall you with the oldest cushion shape, that is, the “old mine” or the brilliant cut. They should also allow you to choose from an impressive collection of Modern cut cushion diamonds including classic cushions, modified cushions, broken glass, chunky cushions, crushed ice, large culets, no culets, square cushions, and rectangular cushions.

Customer service and value-added services

Go Lastly, always consider customer service, which is not limited to providing you a lot of options. A vendor that can educate you more about cushion cut diamonds is an advantage because it can help you choose the cushion that can best represent you, your partner, and the milestone that you are celebrating. At Diamond Plaza Florida, for example, we have diamond experts onsite who are more than willing to tell you each diamond’s wonderful story, making you fall in love even more with cushion diamonds.

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