The Essentials of Buying Wholesale Diamonds

What are wholesale diamonds

The Essentials of Buying Wholesale Diamonds

What are wholesale diamonds? It is a term usually used in the diamond industry to refer to selling loose diamonds at a wholesale price. Diamonds have always been sold at a higher price compared to other gemstones.

Diamonds are more expensive because they have long been considered a valuable stone, worn for centuries as a status symbol.Many people have discovered that they will save a lot of money when they purchase wholesale diamonds because it will save them from paying a higher mark-up price. Dealers of wholesale diamonds sell these magnificent gemstones at a more competitive rate.

Fabrication Services

Many loose diamond suppliers also offer exceptional fabrication services. Some of the best suppliers of wholesale diamonds Miami have a team of jewelry designers and jewelry makers who create unique masterpieces using their extensive loose diamond inventory. Both technical mastery and creative artistry should be evident in diamond fabricators.

Integrity and Quality

When it comes to purchasing wholesale diamonds, it pays to buy only from a trusted source. If you are going to buy diamonds, make sure that the company is an industry leader and are known for their quality product and their integrity.

The company should have a solid reputation built on keeping their promises to their customers and keeping high standards. The finest wholesale diamonds should be sold by a reputable company that is known for the quality and depth of their inventory, guaranteeing that they are giving their customers the highest quality.

Diamond Certification Systems

Wholesale diamonds should be sourced in an ethical manner and should go through certification systems from well-known gemstone grading agencies. Towards the middle of the 20th century, a set of standards by which diamonds could be judged was developed.

Today, diamonds are usually certified by the US-based GIA (Gemological Institute of America), which is the most widely-used and trusted certifying agency.

Other reputable agencies are the International Gemological Institue (IGI) and the American Gemological Society (AGS). A GIA loose diamonds grading report has a ‘Diamond Dossier’, containing detailed information on the gemstone. It contains the shape and cutting style, measurement, and its shape in carats.

Grading Wholesale Diamonds

When wholesale diamonds are graded, they are assessed according to the following standards: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. This universal standard, also called the 4Cs, mean that customers will be able to know the quality of the gemstone that they will purchase.

Since each diamond is unique and has varying characteristics, the 4Cs, plus other factors, determine its price. More than any other factor, a diamond’s beauty depends on its cut because a well-cut and well-proportioned diamond will have each facet angled in such a way that it maximizes the amount of light that reflects back out of the top.

Most sellers allow their customers to select the best gemstone that satisfies both their individual standards and their budget. Since diamonds are sold by the carat, which is a unit of weight equal to 0.2 grams, as its carat increases, so does its price.

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