The Beginnings of the Engagement Ring

The Beginnings of the Engagement Ring - Why Diamond Plaza Florida

The Beginnings of the Engagement Ring

Before you get married, the proposal is the ultimate way to know if you’ll be able to take your relationship to the next level. I’m sure the person you love would marry you even if the engagement ring isn’t spectacular but, having the perfect engagement ring at the time of the proposal wouldn’t hurt right?

You must be thinking, where this famous tradition of giving an engagement ring and accepting it as a basis for marriage came from. Before you purchase a ring, you simply must know why we have this tradition. With the help of Readers Digest, we found out that the Egyptians were the first to subscribe to the idea of wearing a ring because they believed that a circle is a symbol of eternity.

There are a certain number of people who regard marriage as a trap and a bar-less prison. Well, it is believed that the Romans adopted the Egyptian practice and it became a non-romantic custom for the Romans. Back then, women wore rings that symbolized their husband’s ownership of them.

They even had two kinds of rings that women wear at different occasions. Wearing an engagement ring on the left ring finger was an influence of the Ancient Egyptians because they believe that the left ring finger has a vein that is directly connected to the heart, which means that the woman who wears an engagement ring is in love with the man who gave her the ring.

According to the De Beers Group website, the first authenticated diamond, the Eureka Diamond, a 21.25 carat diamond was found in South Africa and is now displayed at the Kimberly Mine Museum. The Star of South Africa, the 83.5 carat rough diamond was found three years later and sparked the first diamond rush it is now part of the collection of the Natural History Museum of London.

Moving forward, there came a time when an advertising agency that made an advertisement for a South African Diamond Mine Company, now named the De Beers Group. It was such enormous success that it made the diamond ring one of the most sought after wedding necessities. They made history by proclaiming that the ultimate sign of love is a diamond ring with the slogan “Diamonds are Forever.”

If there are people who share this same belief, The Diamond Plaza in Florida is where you can buy high quality diamonds and jewellery because you have the option to buy whole sale. You can surely trust their products because they are direct importers of diamonds from the De Beers Group and the International Diamond Syndicate and Holding Co.

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