Surprising Truth About Marriage and the Cost of Wedding Ring

Cost of Wedding Ring

Surprising Truth About Marriage and the Cost of Wedding Ring

Many of us want the best for our beloved, especially when it comes to wedding. Not only do we want the best venue or event for it, we also wanted it to be as glamorous as possible. Often, we connote the idea

This means that the notion of giving the “best” has to be backed up by its bottom line. True, right? Well, not really. It may come off as a surprise for most people, but the amount you are willing to spend for your will-be spouse’s wedding ring may actually affect the quality of your marriage with the person down the line.

However, with the idea, I do not mean that the more expensive the wedding ring is, the better the marriage will be in the future. As it appears, spending too little or too much on this special element of wedding and marriage may actually lead to higher rates of divorce. According to a survey involving 3000 adults living in the United States as conducted by the economic professors at Emory University, the overall cost attributed with the wedding and engagement ring has a way of affecting the chances of divorce between married couples.

The findings suggest the following ideas: Men who spend around $2000 to $4000 on their engagement are 1.3 times likely to go through divorce than those who spend $500 to a little close to $2000.Men who spend $20000 for their wedding are 3.5 times more likely to get divorced with their spouse than those who spent only $5000 to $10000.

The idea therefore that the United States came off as among those leading the chart of countries with couples going through divorce is unsurprising. This is given by the fact that the average cost of marriage in the country is set at $30000, according to The Knot. What’s the secret therefore to a long-lasting marriage?

Don’t be too cheap or too generous by spending only moderately in both your wedding and engagement ring. Speaking of not too expensive diamond rings which lasts strong marriages a lifetime, Diamond Plaza Florida in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has been the go-to jewelry of will-be husbands-and-wives down south. With diamond rings set at a price that will not cause aspiring husbands to break the bank, the value of its accessories is also competitively adjusted for the idea of a life-long marriage.

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