Why The Cushion Cut is One of the Trendiest Cuts of the Moment

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Why The Cushion Cut is One of the Trendiest Cuts of the Moment

Whenever you think of precious gems, aside from the color and the size, the cut is one of the most noticeable things that would catch your eyes. Today, most people would think of the cushion cut is relatively new because in the past few decades, it had taken a back seat and it was called a different name in the past.

It was originally called the “mine cut” and its shape was once only a square with rounded corners. In fact, it was the most popular cut during the 1900s. Its original name was rooted from the diamond mines in Brazil. The mine cut is actually gone through quite an evolution, which has developed to be the cushion cut that we all know and love. Every gem cut has its parts. To understand our point, it’s best to educate you with the basic parts of a gem cut which are: the table; facets; girdle; and the culet.

We say “gem cut” because many precious stones have patterned their cuts by the famous diamond cuts. Jewellers did this because the popularity of the diamond and what people know about it will make it easier for most people to understand the cuts the other gems have. Let’s discuss the parts of the cuts. The first one is the table. It’s the flat part of a gem that you can find on the top. Next is the facets, it means the sides of the gem. There are two kinds of facets, the first is the crown facets, which means the cuts of the gem viewed from its top side.

The middle and the widest part of the gem is called the “girdle.” Next is the other kind of facets, the pavilion facets. These are the facets that you can find at the lower part of the gem. It’s the part of the gem that leads to the pointed tip at the bottom; we call the “culet”.

The round cut is known to be the most brilliant cut because of its many facets. The princess cut is also a worthy opponent in the sparkle department but the cushion cut is not far behind. Although there is a their brilliance of the cut is different because a princess cut and the round cut have a different pattern of facets versus the cushion cut. It is inevitably still a very beautiful cut.

The cushion cut has actually become more popular than the round cut in recent years. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kelly Rowland, and Jessica Biel are just a few that sport this cut and the Diamond Plaza in Florida is a great place to get your diamond fix. If you are going to invest in precious jewellery, why not a diamond right? They are in fact the most sought after gem because they are known to be the highest symbolism of love. Well, at the Diamond Plaza, Florida, Aside from being able to buy diamonds at below wholesale prices, they are a very reputable company because they are direct importers of diamonds from the De Beers Group and the International Diamond Syndicate and Holding Co. They also have certifications from leading grading labs such as GIA Laboratories of America.

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